Digital Scotland is a volunteer community network for building a world leading Scottish digital nation.

Democracy 2.0 – Online voting first step towards Digital Democracy

The Scottish Government is currently running a consultation to poll citizens on their views for online voting. While views that the IndyRef vote may have been tampered with are somewhat conspiratorial the use of Internet technologies most notably the Blockchain would put this concern to bed with finality, and much more importantly, would set in […]

Blockchain-Enabled Digital Government: A National Blueprint

Blockchain-Enabled Services Architecture A keystone foundation for modern Digital Government services will be the definition of a Blockchain-based design model for enabling secure data sharing between government agencies, as Professor Bill Buchanan introduces in his guest article. The fabric for integrating multiple legacy systems into a Single Citizen Account will be formed through Identity-centric data […]

Cloud in Scotland’s Third Sector – Case study: Simon Community Scotland

Cobry helped social organization Simon Community Scotland become more productive through moving to the Google Cloud.

A Sovereign Identity for a Sovereign Scotland?

Digital Identity refers to the various usernames and log-on procedures we use to interact with web sites and other digital services. The Scottish Government has defined it to be essential to their goals of building a World Class Digital Government, with key goals including: Develop a common, single sign-in and authentication process for businesses seeking […]

Audit Scotland: Principles for a Digital Future

Within their role of giving independent assurance to the people of Scotland that public money is spent properly, efficiently and effectively, Audit Scotland have published their report Principles for a Digital Future, laying out a framework for Scottish public sector agencies to achieve the goal of Building a World Class Digital Government. In the past […]

Aberdeen City Council – Digital Transformation Blueprint

Aberdeen City offers an ideal example blueprint of how to approach the new dynamic mode of agile procurement that the Scottish Government’s new digital marketplace is setting out to enable. As UKAuthority reports they are seeking a digital partner who can provide the skills required to achieve their digital transformation strategy: The purpose of the […]

Microsoft: Empowering a world-leading Digital Scotland

Microsoft offers a vision for Digital Scotland in their white paper – The Microsoft Digital Blueprint, a vision that if realized would add a cumulative £100 billion plus to Scotland’s GDP from 2014-2030. A Digital Nation Charter A headline theme is a proposal for developing a Digital Nation Charter, that builds on the experience of […]

E-Estonia – Blueprint for a Digital Nation

The most notable case study of using this approach is Estonia, launching online voting in 2005, with this vendor guide from Cybernetica describing how, and this report speculating how others could reuse the capability. The critical point is that their approach isn’t a ‘point solution’, meaning a standalone single function unit like the American voting […]

Agile Digital Transformation exemplar case study – Registers of Scotland

With an headline goal of establishing Scotland as a world-class digital leader a key activity is to showcase case studies of those who are already pioneering this innovation, for others to emulate. At 400 years old the Registers of Scotland is the world’s oldest public land register, but today act as a beacon of excellence […]