Digital Identity – Bridging the Digital Divide

‘Bridging the Digital Divide‘ is our headline theme for defining the role technology can play in addressing social needs such as homelessness and poverty. The Digital Participation Charter defines many ways in which increased digital involvement leads to increased social engagement too, and there are a number of key technology innovations that can accelerate this […]

Participatory Budgeting as foundation for Participatory Democracy

Digital Democracy The transformational potential of new Digital Democracy technologies and models, like those of Mivote, is best conveyed, in practical terms that will be meaningful to most of the public, when exemplified through the field becoming very popular in Scotland: ‘Participatory Budgeting’. This growth follows the government policy that local communities have more say […]

A Digital Democracy Hackathon with Australia’s Mivote

Our core theme of documenting ‘World Class Digital Government’ means both highlighting world class innovations at a local Scottish level, and of course sharing best practices from around the world. This sharing will be achieved through online articles and also face to face meet ups and workshops, the first being a perfect example of this […]

Digital Stories Dundee

Digital Stories Dundee is an SCVO video showing the invaluable role third sector organizations play in key digital activities such as skills training for special needs groups, with great examples of how they also utilize sites like Facebook to organize their activities and also build group community. 0