Ecosystem Blueprint

The Ecosystem Blueprint is a report template that defines combinations of Role Models, Business Model Canvas designs, API links and other building blocks of a digital business model.

Working with Tr3dent this is produced from the Transform Accelerator app, and we have defined a central template pool that customizes it for the Scottish public sector. The download below provides an example output that acts as a starting template for planning an Ecosystem-based digital transformation model.

This is an ideal starting phase for embarking on an overall Digital Transformation journey, clarifying executive vision into a number of key planning documents that can shape later IT work efforts, communication programs and other transformation resources, providing the foundations for a Digital Roadmap.

Digital Scotland Digital Ecosystem Blueprint

Download: Digital Scotland Ecosystem Blueprint

  • Team blueprint model for Agile digital transformation
  • Digital City as a Platform API design model

Tailor your own Digital Roadmap

Through a workshop or other consultative engagement we will work with you to provision and customize a copy of the template to produce your own Digital Ecosystem Model.

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