Blockchain Blueprint

The project will output a blueprint document and supporting resources for a national blockchain blueprint that will lay the grounds for democratic transformation and next generation digital services.

National Collaboration

As this tweet from Martin Docherty SNP MP highlights, the Blockchain Blueprint is intended as an initiative that engages with all levels and aspects of government, as well as experts across the world.

Roadmap Requirements

Defining it as an emerging technology to harness, the Scottish Government describe initial ideas for the adoption of Blockchain here:

“The Chief Digital Officers, or equivalents, in Scottish Government, local government, NHS Scotland and the third sector will be encouraged to develop and implement joint action plans and we will share our ideas and experiences internationally with other progressive digital governments. This will include work to explore the potential of new and emerging technologies such as blockchain.”

A National Blueprint

This could be developed as a national blueprint, a central resource for planning Digital Government systems. A similar reference example includes the Microsoft Bletchley project, defining a framework that includes roles for partners, industry solutions and the required technology components to enable their collaboration.

Use Cases

As we move from the hype to early adopter phase for blockchain, a key activity will be to showcase the early prototypes and idea thinking taking shape across Scotland’s public sector, for potential use case scenarios.

Blockchain Digital Government – Digital Mortgages

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