Identity Assurance

As defined here the Scottish Government is embarking on development of their own ‘Identity Assurance’ system, a way of inter-connecting the numerous log-in and account systems citizens have to use to access different government services.

One Citizen

The Aberdeen Digital Transformation Blueprint describes a plan to implement a ‘My Account’ feature for users, that simplifies and streamlines services for them across the 400+ different applications that Aberdeen operates.

Their Digital Plan lists a number of specific objectives towards this goal:

Roadmap Requirements

  1. Our Staff will spend less time inputting and updating information in systems as we join them up so they do it automatically.
  2. Our Staff will have the right information to help customers, as we improve the way we share and join up our data.
  3. Use our data to identify you so that you do not need to provide the same data many times.
  4. Hold one set of customer information across all key systems.
  5. Implement a single account for external customers.
  6. Introduce a Single and staff account to allow for the federation of core systems with other organizations such as Aberdeenshire Council and the NHS.

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