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Open Sourcing Best Practices

The purpose of this site is to document case studies of digital adoption across the Scottish public sector, to enable others to learn from and potentially repeat those same programs.

It’s based around a simple system of ‘Role Models’, ie. those with documented practices to follow, such as Aberdeen City Council or the Scottish Government. Each section then shows their specific best practice examples through a library of blogs with embedded Youtube videos, and site visitors can similarly use various Subscribe features to stay informed.

Each Role Model home page will then list links to all of their major digital strategy documentation, news and also procurement alerts.

A core activity of this initiative is the development of a Technology Roadmap, which is achieved through then referencing key sections of these materials as live, common ‘Industry Requirements’. Ie. If one Local Council needs technology XYZ, it’s likely they all do, and thus this objective can be elevated to a single, shared roadmap goal.

Roadmaps: Strategies and Goals

The top level starting point of Roadmaps is Strategy and Goals, the end results senior executives are hoping to achieve, and that ultimate prioritize all downstream work.

Given this strategic view a keystone component is the articulation of clear vision to set the long term direction, and working back from that the milestones, objectives and first step tasks to head towards there.

For example a notable section of Dundee City’s digital roadmap is their introductory section:

Digital Vision: Dundee City

“Scotland’s digital landscape is changing rapidly and the Scottish Government has recognised this through the development and support of a number of digital strategies and programmes which all have their sights firmly set on the same target for building Scotland’s digital future – 2020.

The Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland is a country in which:

‘Digital technology provides a foundation for innovative, integrated public services that cross organisational boundaries and deliver to those in most need, and for services for business that promote growth.’

Dundee City Council’s Digital Strategy outlines how the Council aims to achieve a digital Council by 2020 to help feed into the wider aim of building a Digital Scotland.

Dundee is a leader in games & digital media, is changing for the future and has been three times listed as a top seven global Intelligent Community of the Year over the past decade. As a UNESCO city of design and the V&A being the centrepiece of a globally significant urban regeneration programme, Dundee’s digital credentials will be another key component in delivering the City’s vision statement “to attract and retain talent, creating jobs, social fairness, quality of life and environmental sustainability”.

The vision for Dundee City Council is to become a Council which has enhanced its services through digital and has effectively promoted the use of digital so that its citizens think digital first when requesting services because it is quicker and more convenient to do so. This vision covers more than just digital access to services, it covers the processes behind the services, the way our citizen’s find and access them, how we communicate, how we continue to improve but also aims to bring the city together by looking at a multiple digital themes.

By creating a digital strategy, the Council will be supporting other Changing for the Future projects, providing the citizens of Dundee with a full choice of service options which are convenient and fit into their lives as seamlessly as possible regardless of age, location, time constraints or backgrounds.”

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Setting a Digital Vision: Dundee City Council
Dundee provides a keynote example of how cities and regions can define their own unique digital agenda, while also participating in and contributing to the national whole. To define their own Digital Strategy Dundee City Council first acknowledges the national government effort and defines their own drive as part of that collective effort, and then secondly also identifies what unique contribution their city makes towards this and their own success. In this case Dundee emphasizes their world leading role in the gaming sector, and this advanced maturity is reflected right through their schools engagement. The Youtube video for Digital World 2016 clearly demonstrates how actively and practically young students are engaged into the tech sector, through participation of keynote employers like Skyscanner who provided Rasperry Pi computers.
Digital Scotland Roadmap
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