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Participatory Budgeting as foundation for Participatory Democracy

Digital Democracy The transformational potential of new Digital Democracy technologies and models, like those of Mivote, is best conveyed, in practical terms that will be meaningful to most of the public, when exemplified through the field becoming very popular in Scotland: ‘Participatory Budgeting’. This growth follows the government policy that local communities have more say […]

Digital Stories Dundee

Digital Stories Dundee is an SCVO video showing the invaluable role third sector organizations play in key digital activities such as skills training for special needs groups, with great examples of how they also utilize sites like Facebook to organize their activities and also build group community. 0

CivTech and Wallet.Services – Driving Blockchain Innovation in Government

CivTech The ScotChain17 presentation from Wallet.Services is introduced by Alexander Holt of the Scottish Government’s CivTech Accelerator. Alexander describes the challenges of slow and bureaucratic government procurement, and how their initiative is intended to speed things through a more innovative approach. Working around a number of shared challenges they then award contracts to for the […]

Blockchain Digital Government – Digital Mortgages

I’ve started an article series ‘Blockchain Digital Government’, to identify the enabling role the Blockchain will play in building new digital government services. Identity-Enabled Digital Services What’s immediately notable is the involvement of Identity technologies too, the two are practically inseparable. For example this enabling role of new digital service innovations is effectively highlighted in […]

A Digital Democracy Hackathon with Australia’s Mivote

Our core theme of documenting ‘World Class Digital Government’ means both highlighting world class innovations at a local Scottish level, and of course sharing best practices from around the world. This sharing will be achieved through online articles and also face to face meet ups and workshops, the first being a perfect example of this […]

Audit Scotland: Principles for a Digital Future

Within their role of giving independent assurance to the people of Scotland that public money is spent properly, efficiently and effectively, Audit Scotland have published their report Principles for a Digital Future, laying out a framework for Scottish public sector agencies to achieve the goal of Building a World Class Digital Government. In the past […]

Aberdeen City Council – Digital Transformation Blueprint

Aberdeen City offers an ideal example blueprint of how to approach the new dynamic mode of agile procurement that the Scottish Government’s new digital marketplace is setting out to enable. As UKAuthority reports they are seeking a digital partner who can provide the skills required to achieve their digital transformation strategy: The purpose of the […]