Open Sourcing Best Practices

The purpose of this site is to document case studies of digital adoption across the Scottish public sector, to enable others to learn from and potentially repeat those same programs.

It’s based around a simple system of ‘Role Models’, ie. those with documented practices to follow, such as Aberdeen City Council or the Scottish Government. Each section then shows their specific best practice examples through a library of blogs with embedded Youtube videos, and site visitors can similarly use various Subscribe features to stay informed.

Each Role Model home page will then list links to all of their major digital strategy documentation, news and also procurement alerts.

A core activity of this initiative is the development of a Technology Roadmap, which is achieved through then referencing key sections of these materials as live, common ‘Industry Requirements’. Ie. If one Local Council needs technology XYZ, it’s likely they all do, and thus this objective can be elevated to a single, shared roadmap goal.

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